I Know This Is An Underwear Ad But These Two Guys Seem To Be Oddly Happy

november image the lone girl in  crowd

In the wake of the Black Friday cavalcade (as well as the fact I have to get up incredibly early to work a 10 hour shift starting at 6 a. m., don’t ask for I’m not looking forward to it), it’s no surprise that every family in the United States is receiving a shit load of Christmas shopping ads in their newspapers. Let’s face it, once Halloween is over, chances are, you’re going to find Christmas advertising everywhere. And even in the stores, you can hear Christmas songs coming from the speakers non-stop as well as on some of the radio stations. Nevertheless, Christmas advertising has always been a holiday tradition in America since, well, longer than we’d like to admit. Still, while we tend to have some nostalgia for the ads we imagine as wholesome and family friendly, there are some ads that haven’t really aged well. And some of them may even contain a few disturbing implications as well as be unintentionally dirty and funny.