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E-cigarettes are manufactured in a variety of flavors with enticing names such as “Cherry Crush”, which promises to provides a “burst of black cheery swaddled in Maraschino,” “Pina Colada,” which hits like a “wave of cayenne pineapple and silky-smooth coconut milk”, “Magnificent Menthol” for a “cool, refreshing feeling,” “STL Gooey Butter Cake” that is “recreating a generational family recipe”, “Snicker Doodle” which offers a “warm cinnamon-sugar cookie flavor,” and “Wine Flavor,” which offers a robust flavor of red wine because “everyone knows that “cigarettes and a wine create the perfect synergy.” In advertising these flavored tobacco products, the images are primarily of brightly colored, appealing fruit that hint at the safety of the product and its tantalizing taste. In addition to these standard flavors, customers at retail “boutique” vape stores can enjoy the novel experience of working with a vapologist to create unique flavors by mixing any number of essences at a variety of nicotine strengths for a personalized vape. Some retail vape bars also have a “tasting bar” much like restaurants where consumers can try a variety of flavors.